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Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música
Bastien Stil
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Maurice Ravel Suite de Ma Mère L’Oye
Emmanuel Chabrier Dança Eslava de Le roi malgré lui
Gabriel Fauré Pavana
Emmanuel Chabrier Festa Polaca de Le roi malgré lui
Samuel Barber Adagio
Alexander Borodin Abertura de O príncipe Igor

Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música welcomes the summer with some of the most celebrated pages in the orchestral repertoire. The concert begins with children's enchanting stories painted by the genius of Ravel. From one of his teachers, Gabriel Fauré, we will hear the charming Pavana, along with two festive moments from a famous opera by Chabrier. Under the direction of the multifaceted conductor Bastien Stil, we will also hear the opening of Borodin's most celebrated work and a great triumph in American music, Barber’s Adagio, widely known as the soundtrack for the film Platoon, by Oliver Stone.

Senior (>65) 15%
Youth (<30) 50%
Music Student/Teacher 50%
BPI Card 20%
Cartão Amigo 25%

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Casa da Música requires your compliance with the following rules:

- Due to social distance, this concert doesn’t have booked seats. Your ticket will only present the row that you chose at the moment of purchase. A seat will be given to you, once you enter the concert hall, by one of the room assistants. Please follow their instructions;
- To access Sala Suggia, use the following doors: Rows C to K - 2nd floor door; Rows L to Z - 3rd floor door;
- To exit Sala Suggia, use the door closest to your seat, following the signs placed on the floor;
- You must use a mask at all times while inside the building of Casa da Música, namely during the concert;
- Please avoid close contact with other people (keep social distance);
- Sanitize your hands at the entrance of the building of Casa da Música.

If you need help, please contact a room assistant.

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When & Where

Sala Suggia
Enough tickets
Saturday, 26 June

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