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"Lunatic" - António Mão de Ferro
"Lunatic" - António Mão de Ferro
QUI 17 JUN · 20:30
  • M/6
  • António Mão de Ferro presents his fourth original album, Lunatic. This intimate and cinematic concert suggests a journey through the musician's subconscious, but it also reflects the multicultural aspect of his music - rooted in pop, rock, blues and folk music. His influences permeate his music in a seductive way: Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and many others become part of his own story, with unexpected twists and turns. António Mão de Ferro is a multi-instrumentalist with a powerful way of playing guitar, inspired by the blues, and with a soft and warm voice. Supported by a band of true stars, he recreates the complex landscapes of his studio recordings.
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