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1 Bigo · Primeiros Concertos [3 meses aos 6 anos]
1 Bigo · Primeiros Concertos [3 meses aos 6 anos]
Serviço Educativo Casa da Música
SUN MAR 26 · 10AM, 11:30AM and 4PM SALA 2
  • 3 meses / 6 anos
  • 21/2303-080

    Jorge Queijo direcção artística
    Sónia Granja Barbosa dramaturgia
    Ana Conceição, Beatriz Prada, Beatriz Rola, Catarina Carvalho Gomes e Jorge Queijo interpretação


    What is umbilical love? What is this cord that keeps us connected long after it is cut? This concert for babies represents how crucial maternal and paternal love is. It is a journey to one’s navel and a demonstration of how it connects us to those we love. It shows us, on the other hand, how life can provide us with more chords and connections, placing us before the paradox of the navel as a symbol of selfishness and union with the other.



    Cartão Amigo 25%

    12€ Child + Adult / 10€ Extra adult

    Child + Adult Ticket:
    - For children between 3 months and 6 years old monitored by an adult

    Extra Adult Ticket:
    - Available for purchase at the box office
    - Maximum 1 extra adult
    - For people over 6 years old