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FRI MAR 24 · 10:30PM SALA 2
  • 1ª Parte - Mari Froes
  • M/6
  • 44/2303-434

    1ª Parte - Mari Froes


    Despite being only 20 years old, Agnes Nunes is one of the biggest names of the new generation of Brazilian music, moving between the genres of MPB, forró and blues. With her music and her soft voice, the Bahian addresses several important social issues, such as black empowerment, feminism and the fight against racism. In a career that began just four years ago, Agnes has already released 28 songs, won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and one Prémio Jovem Brasileiro. In 2022, she released her first album, Menina Mulher, which confirms her versatility as an artist, with many inspirations in terms of sound and aesthetics. The first part of her show at Casa da Música will be in the hands of Mari Froes, a singer and songwriter from Goiás whose music carries a unique identity, combining various Brazilian rhythms with sensitivity and insight.



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