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André Carvalho “Lost in Translation”
André Carvalho “Lost in Translation”
Outono em Jazz
  • Outono em Jazz
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  • The reflection of the moon in the water as if forming a path of light, or simply “mängata” in Swedish. The time it takes to eat a banana, or “pisan zapra” in Malayan. André Carvalho resorted to untranslatable words from several languages ​​to find the inspiration for his most recent project, Lost in Translation. Words that “may be the solution to things we've always thought about, but never knew what to call them. Or that can mean something we never thought of, opening our minds and feeding our imagination.” Added to the enthusiasm of learning new words is the joy of adding music to the process. André Carvalho's new album, released by the label Outside in Music, is a sound version of the words and ideas that fascinate him, exploring references of improvised, experimental and contemporary classical music. The bassist and composer is accompanied by José Soares (saxophone) and André Matos (guitar), with whom he shares a great empathy that resulted from many years of working together.


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