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Bach Imortal
Bach Imortal
  • Coro
  • M/6
  • Bach's immortality was achieved through pages and pages of sublime music, which will always be a reference in our culture. Coro Casa da Música pays tribute to the composer by interpreting works that convey the incomparable depth of his sacred choral music. Bach's best-known motet is Jesu, meine Freude, a magnificent and profound creative exploration based on the simplicity of a religious hymn. Singet dem Herrn is a motet that surprises for its lightness, despite having been written for a funeral. The sense of eternity in Bach's music is almost tangible in the piece that Knut Nystedt created from a funeral song by the German genius himself, managing to take us to a place without time. The program includes two short pieces by Jehan Alain and Toru Takemitsu, and ends with a famous choral work that illuminates the unbreakable faith expressed in the text.