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Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa · 18 jul
Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa · 18 jul
  • M/6
  • It was with the talent of Horácio Ferreira in mind, one of the most outstanding clarinetists of his generation, that Luís Carvalho wrote his Variations on the Carnival of Venice – originally for clarinet and plectrum orchestra. The piece originated from a traditional Neapolitan song, on which Paganini composed his variations for violin and orchestra. With this approach, the composer intended to bring the nineteenth-century exaltation of virtuosity to our time. The rest of the program is dedicated to two essential figures of Russian music: Shostakovich, with the effervescent Festive Overture written for the celebration of the 37th anniversary of the October Revolution, and Mussorgsky, with an arrangement of his most famous work, inspired by paintings and drawings by Viktor Hartmann.