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Bizarrias e Fantasias

Orquestra Barroca Casa da Música
A journey through genres that characterize the Baroque period and begins with one of its most famous pairs: fantasia and fugue. The inventive genius of Johann Sebastian Bach pushes its exploration to the limit, with a Fantasia that is very open in language and with dense and unexpected harmonic paths. A branle where each part has a different metric, a sarabande with unexpected interventions, the stubborn energy of the fantasia, a second violin that seems to make fun of the other instruments: this is La Bizzare, one of the best examples of Telemann's ingenious ability to satirize the conventions of his time. The works of Lully, Fux and Muffat that complete the program include several dances that were in vogue in the European courts during the Baroque period.
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Sala Suggia
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Tuesday, 25 September

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