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Canções Nórdicas
Canções Nórdicas
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  • In a late afternoon dedicated to music from the North, one of the highlights is Finlandia, a piece by Jean Sibelius that became a true Finnish anthem, presented here in a transcript for choir. The symphonic poem, with strong traditional roots, was created for a patriotic procession in Helsinki during the Russian occupation and became a symbol of resistance. Sibelius, one of the greatest figures in Scandinavian music and the end of Romanticism, identified unique characteristics in Einojuhani Rautavaara, a musician he came across at the end of his life who wrote works that have been widely praised at an international level. One of the most popular, written in 1973, is based on texts by the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. Among choral music with popular or religious inspiration, this program you will also feature recent compositions with texts by great authors of the past, such as Shakespeare and Petrarch.