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Cantos do Norte

Who doesn't recognize the delicate flute that makes Peer Gynt's "Morning" emerge? Or the "The Hall of the Mountain King" that evokes the trolls of the Nordic popular imagination and is featured so often in film and television? Both are part of the incidental music that Norwegian Edvard Grieg wrote for Ibsen's play, whose most striking moments make up the two suites featured in this program. The music of Sibelius is also featured in this program. The serene Symphony No. 6, influenced by Palestrina, reminded Sibelius of “the scent of the first snow”. The Finnish composer's orchestral art is further illustrated by one of his most notorious symphonic poems, completing our tour of these monuments of Nordic symphonic music.

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Sala Suggia
Soon on sale
Friday, 24 September

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  • Sinfónica
  • M/6