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Cenas Infantis · Primeiros Concertos [3 meses aos 6 anos]
Cenas Infantis · Primeiros Concertos [3 meses aos 6 anos]
  • 3 meses / 6 anos
  • 21/2305-081

    BEATRIZ ROLA e PEDRO ALVADIA direcção artística e interpretação
    FACTOR E! interpretação


    Playing blind man’s buff, playing while seated on a wooden horse, or simply feeling the comfort of being by the fireplace. These are just some of the images that brought Robert Schumann back to his childhood, to that world of dreams, of mystery, and of all possibilities. Inspired by this imagery, the composer wrote Cenas Infantis, the famous piano cycle that has now been subject to a delicate and amusing re-reading by the Casa da Música Educational Service. A unique show that will take us through the worlds imagined by the composer. 



    Cartão Amigo 25%

    12€ Child + Adult / 10€ Extra adult

    Child + Adult Ticket:
    - For children between 3 months and 6 years old monitored by an adult

    Extra Adult Ticket:
    - Available for purchase at the box office
    - Maximum 1 extra adult
    - For people over 6 years old