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Classicismo Vienense


Internationally recognized as one of the great interpreters of the Classic Viennese composers, Leopold Hager returns to Casa da Música in his capacity as Conductor Emeritus of Orquestra Sinfónica for a concert dedicated to Mozart and Schubert. The program includes two masterpieces of great dramatic impact. Part of the final trilogy of Mozart's career, Symphony No. 39 is an example of the absolute mastery of orchestral writing that the composer achieved, which was unsurpassed in his time. A well-known account of the premiere of this symphony states that even those who had gone to the concert to chat remained silent before the greatness of the music. Though Mozart is always pointed out as the ultimate example of a child prodigy, Schubert’s first symphony is a rare example of precociousness. Written at the age of 16, when he was still a student of Salieri, Symphony No. 1 is a worthy heir to the great masters of Viennese Classicism.

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Sala Suggia
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Friday, 30 April

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  • Sinfónica
  • M/6