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Concerto de Dvořák
Concerto de Dvořák
  • Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • “The most broken-hearted protest against all the injustice” – these are the words conductor Robert Kajanus used to describe the Second Symphony of his compatriot Jean Sibelius. Regarded as a true treasure of Finland, the work of this composer would become a symbol of the country's liberation and even a gesture of defiance to the Russian tsar. A few years apart, and coming from the United States of America, Antonín Dvořák's music also exudes a patriotic feeling and a nostalgia for his homeland. His Cello Concerto became a reference work of the instrument. This performance at Casa da Música will also feature reference interpreters: the soloist Marc Coppey directed by a master of the Russian school, Vassily Sinaisky.