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Danças da Terra

Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música

Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música

Stefan Blunier direcção musical


Alan Hovhaness And God Created Great Whales

(estreia em Portugal)

Joseph Haydn Sinfonia n.º 59 em Lá maior, “O Fogo”


Harrison Birtwistle Earth Dances


A telluric, primitivist pulse marks Birtwistle’s Earth Dances, with the pagan theatricality inspiring a landmark work on the contemporary music scene. The environmental movements of the 20th century embraced a variety of causes. And God Created Great Whales, by Alan Hovhaness, is a warning about the extinction of these large mammals. An orchestral language that blends with the recorded sounds of these magnificent animals. The kinetic spirit of fire is embodied in a symphony by Haydn. However, the association of the title to the element was not forged by the composer, a Hephaestus of the classical symphony.



Youth (<30) 50%
Music Student/Teacher 50%
Cartão Amigo 25%
BPI Card 20%
Senior (>65) 15%

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When & Where

Sala Suggia
Enough tickets
Saturday, 23 September

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  • Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • 14/2309-228