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Diana Tishchenko
Diana Tishchenko
Diana Tishchenko
SAT MAY 13 · 12PM SALA 2
  • M/6
  • 4/2305-197

    Casa da Música e Philharmonie de Paris apresentam:
    Diana Tishchenko violino
    Kirill Kozlovski piano

    Franz Schubert Fantasia em Dó Maior para violino e piano D.934
    Vasco Mendonça a box of darkness with a bird in its heart, para violino solo (encomenda Casa da Música, Philharmonie de Paris e ECHO)
    George Enescu Sonata para Violino e Piano nº.3 Op. 25


    The 20th and 21st-century violin dominates this concert. From the exotic virtuosity of Tzigane to the presentation of a new work by Vasco Mendonça inspired by the poetry of the American Terrance Hayes, the potential of the instrument is explored under Modernism. Constant risk permeates Dancer on a tightrope, a sonic exploration of acrobatics, contrasting with the synthesis of styles and genres achieved by Stravinsky in his Divertimento.



    Free entrance