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Divertimentos Sinfónicos
Divertimentos Sinfónicos
  • Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • It is a challenge much appreciated by composers: to take a genre from another time and transform it into new music that allows us to float between different eras. Richard Strauss' Serenade is much more than a mere imitation of Mozart's serenades, as it is marked by originality. Not by chance, it was a giant step towards a successful international career for the then 17-year-old composer. Bartók's Divertimento was also inspired by the playful and flexible character of this classic genre, presented in a renovated and modernized way. The concerto for soloist and orchestra, on the other hand, finds in Vaughan Williams a very different approach from the continental models, showing the traces of the English popular song, the national identity that the composer so cherished. The melancholy of the piece invites to an attentive listening that will reveal, under its apparent lightness, a complex music and a demanding challenge for the soloist.