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Grigory Sokolov
Grigory Sokolov
Ciclo de Piano
  • Ciclo de Piano
  • 2/2303-177

    Henry Purcell Ground in Gamut em Sol maior, Z. 645; Suite n.º 2 em Sol menor, Z. 661; A New Irish Tune [Lilliburlero] em Sol maior, Z. 646; A New Scotch Tune em Sol maior, Z. 655; [Trumpet Tune, called the Cibell] em Dó maior, Z.T. 678; Suite n.º 4 em Lá menor, Z. 663; Round O em Ré menor, Z.T. 684; Suite n.º 7 em Ré menor, Z. 668; Chacone em Sol menor, Z.T. 680

    W.A. Mozart Sonata n.º 13 em Si bemol maior, KV 333 (315c) op. 7 n.º 2; Adagio em Si menor, KV 540


    Grigory Sokolov is a giant of the keyboard. His interpretations, based on his dedication to detail, can transform our perception of pianistic works. Adopting an almost religious approach, he promotes a mystical connection with the music of composers from various eras. Irreverence and risk are omnipresent in his often polemical and tense readings of the works to which he has dedicated himself. A regular visitor to Casa da Música, Sokolov graces us with his presence once more in 2023, for an electrifying and unmissable recital reflecting his almost monastic dedication to music.



    Youth (<30) 50%
    Music Student/Teacher 50%
    Cartão Amigo 25%
    BPI Card 20%
    Senior (>65) 15%

    CONCERT PROGRAMME (available on the day of the concert)