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Herança de Beethoven
Herança de Beethoven
  • Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • The Second Symphony already denounces Beethoven's immortal genius, marking the crucial moment in his life when he realizes the irreversibility of his deafness. From then on, he would explore fields no other composer dreamt of exploring. This was the culmination of an important first phase of the composer’s life and a prelude to other more revolutionary works, a symphony marked by an inner struggle that critics perceived as the image of a wounded dragon struggling to live. The programme, which begins with new music by Nuno Lobo, also gives us the opportunity to listen to pianist Nicolas Hodges performing two pieces by Wolfgang Rihm and revealing his deep knowledge of the music of the past. Following the path of Mozart and, at the same time, completely open, as if Busoni played with his left hand in Zurich and his right hand in Berlin. About the premiere of Sotto voce 2, in 2007, Nicolas Hodges wrote: “with each interpretation, the piece seems more beautiful and my affection for it grows.”