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Humores da Noite
Humores da Noite
  • Coro
  • M/6
  • From the whispering voices of angels imagined by Johannes Brahms to the unique universe of Matthew Whittall - a composer who reconciles influences as diverse as the new and the old world, the sacred and the secular, the erudite and the popular - the six composers in the program have something in common. A moment, which is also a state of mind and a way of feeling music: the night. From Mahler we will hear a choral arrangement based on the famous Rückert-Lieder song cycle. Among the contemporaries, we will listen to Beat Furrer and a cycle of pieces based on texts taken from Leonardo da Vinci's fantastic Prophecies. The direction will be in the hands of Nils Schweckendiek, artistic director of the Helsinki Chamber Choir and a passionate fan of modern music.