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José Geadas

José Geadas is 23 years old and has shown great interest in fado since he was very young. In 2006 he won the Grande Noite do Fado de Lisboa with an original song that would later be the title of his first album, Assim Sou Feliz. He was 9 years old at the time. In 2010 he won 2nd place in the TVI competition “Uma Canção Para Ti” and became known to the public – performing throughout the country for the following two years. He sang at the Fado and Flamengo Festival in Badajoz (BADASOM), was part of the cast of Felipe La Féria’s musical Fado – História de um Povo and participated in the Caixa / Alfama and Caixa / Ribeira festivals. He also plays Portuguese guitar and has already stepped on several stages in Europe in this capacity, in addition to performing regularly in renowned Fado Houses in Lisbon.

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Sala 2
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Tuesday, 4 May

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  • Prémio Novos Talentos Ageas
  • M/6