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Lambchop + Alan Sparhawk (of Low)
Lambchop + Alan Sparhawk (of Low)
  • Misty Fest
  • M/6
  • 44/2311-399

    Soul and heart of Lambchop, Kurt Wagner is touring Europe delighting fans with an intimate piano concert where the classic songs of the band appear in a new light, stripped down to their essence. On stage, Wagner is accompanied by Andrew Broder, a musician and producer who has worked with him on some of Lambchop's most successful albums, such as The Bible or Showtunes. Combining Wagner's sincere composition with Broder's sonic experimentation can only result in something unique and memorable.

    A year after the death of Mimi Parker, his wife and partner in the inimitable Low, the American guitarist and vocalist Alan Sparhawk returns to Casa da Música for a solo concert, sharing with the public a new chapter of life and career, still and always idiosyncratic, independent of market trends and involved in the mystical aura that has distinguished Low, as a beacon of indie rock, since the mid-90s.


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