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Manuel de Oliveira · Quarteto Amado / McPhee / Kessler / Corsano
Manuel de Oliveira · Quarteto Amado / McPhee / Kessler / Corsano
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  • M/6
  • Rodrigo Amado This Is Our Language 4tet Feat. Joe Mcphee, Kent Kessler, Chris Corsano


    One of the most important projects of Portuguese saxophonist Rodrigo Amado, this quartet reunites him with the legendary Joe McPhee, the double bassist from Chicago Kent Kessler, and the young star drummer Chris Corsano. Together they combine the universes of free improvisation and written jazz. Four soloists with strong arguments who create space for explosive solos while maintaining an intense communication with beautiful melodies. The quartet’s second album, A History of Nothing (Trost records), has earned enthusiastic praises from the international press.



    Manuel de Oliveira


    Known as “the Iberian guitarist”, Manuel de Oliveira’s compositions reflect the peninsular soul that runs through his veins, always with respect and a timeless veneration for its origins and traditions. With a vast international career, he is one of the most prolific contemporary guitarists. Some of the highlights of his curriculum include the international edition of the album Amarte and the live performance in some of the most important European jazz festivals. After the triumph of Ibéria Live (with the Spanish Jorge Pardo and Carles Benavent, founders of flamenco jazz), which sold out CCB and Casa da Música in 2016, he has been writing for solo guitar and collaborating with various artists.