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Marlon Sette
Marlon Sette
Verão da Casa
THU JUN 01 · 9:30PM CAFÉ
  • Verão da Casa
  • M/6
  • 38/2306-374

    One of the most respected trombonists on the Brazilian scene, arranger Marlon Sette has united a constellation of great contemporary musicians for his first album, Fogo na Caldeira, produced by Kassin and Mauro Araújo. In all, the album has ten tracks, including Marlon's own compositions and partnerships with Claudio Zoli, Rogê, Kassin, Domênico Lancellotti, Alberto Continentino and Hyldon. Fogo na Caldeira is rhythm, swing, maturity and even romance. It is friendship, harmony and a lot of groove. It is Marlon Sette showing that, apart from being an excellent trombonist, producer and arranger, he also knows how to be a composer and owner of a very special record.


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