Concert Casa da Música Choir

No dia dos mortos

Coro Casa da Música


Coro Casa da Música

Nacho Rodríguez direcção musical

Romi Soares actriz


Heinrich Schütz Musikalische Exequien

Hugo Distler Totentanz, op. 12/2


The spectre of death runs through this concert by Coro Casa da Música. The expressiveness of Heinrich Schütz’s Musikalische Exequien illustrates Baroque drama. Written for the funeral rites of Count Henry II, of Reuss-Gera, they embody the concerto style of the early 17th century and reflect a new emotional approach, which is underscored by Lutheranism. Hugo Distler wrote Totentanz during a troubled period in Germany. A medieval trope recovered by Romanticism provides the keynote for a choral work of great devotion, narrated with considerable intensity.



Youth (<30) 50%
Music Student/Teacher 50%
Cartão Amigo 25%
BPI Card 20%
Senior (>65) 15%

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When & Where

Sala Suggia
Enough tickets
Wednesday, 1 November

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  • Coro
  • M/6
  • 7/2311-242