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Nuno Carpinteiro


Nuno Carpinteiro presents his second album, Viagem, a work involving the participation of João Novais (double bass), David Rodrigues (acoustic guitar), Diogo Sousa (drums) and the special collaboration of d’O Gajo (viola campaniça, a Portuguese stringed musical instrument) and Sérgio Miendes (electric guitar and keyboards). The simplicity, the silence and, at the same time, the complex harmony he finds on walks in the countryside are reflected in his compositions. In 2019 he released the album A Montanha, a work of instrumental pieces, where the accordion, guitar and electric guitar combine in a sonic journey through traditional themes with contemporary arrangements.



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When & Where

Sala 2
Enough tickets
Thursday, 8 June

More Info

  • Apresentação do 2ºdisco "Viagem"
  • M/6
  • 44/2306-452