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O Vinho do Amor
O Vinho do Amor
  • Coro
  • M/6
  • It is almost impossible to talk about Tristan and Isolde without remembering Wagner's opera. But Frank Martin proved that this medieval Celtic legend can have a very different interpretation. The opulence of Wagner’s opera contrasts with Martin’s piece, written for only 8 instruments and 12 voices, between 1938 and 1941. The Swiss composer classified Le vin herbé (The Magic Potion) as a “secular oratorio”, inspired by the way Bach treated his oratorios. The dramaturgy places the audience at the centre of the work's theatricality, alongside the narrative of the two bewitched lovers, and also on another plane, of those who tell the story from the stage. Le vin herbé is frequently performed in theatres and concert halls around the world and will be presented for the first time at Casa da Música.