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Oratória de Natal II · 22 dez
Oratória de Natal II · 22 dez
  • Barroca & Coro
  • M/6
  • The city of Leipzig had its Christmas season of 1734/35 enriched by what would become one of the most relevant religious works in history. Over the course of six days, in the churches of St. Thomas and St. Nicholas, six cantatas marked the religious festivities of that German city. The second concert that Casa da Música dedicates to Bach’s Christmas Oratorio is in the hands of Orquestra Barroca and Coro Casa da Música, in an interpretation that may be quite close the original sounds heard at the time. The concert includes the last three cantatas, originally presented from the New Year onwards, dedicated to the circumcision of Jesus, the journey of the Magi and the adoration of the Magi.