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Orquestra Bamba Social e Convidados
Orquestra Bamba Social e Convidados
  • M/6
  • The performance marked by the passion of samba, brought by the Orquestra Bamba Social, welcomes a set of spices from other sounds that promise to surprise. Casulo, a project that brings together rising artists, giving them a space for promotion through the exhibition of their art, fosters the return of the Orquestra Bamba Social to Sala Suggia, where it had last performed in 2018 in two sold out sessions. In a concert that closes the 1st season, Casulo brings the last of 7 artistic projects that have been performing in different spaces of the city since July, bringing together the already well-known sound of the Orquestra with the musical diversity of some guests who are also members of the Casulo project.


    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Casa da Música implemented the following safety measures:
    • Mandatory use of mask inside the building of Casa da Música;
    • Hand hygiene;
    • Compliance with social distancing rules.

    Failure to comply with these measures prevents access to concerts, educational activities and guided tours held at Casa da Música.

    You will find visible signs on the different routes and spaces of Casa da Música, as well as information regarding the rules of access, circulation and permanence, as well as the maximum capacity of the different spaces.

    All customer service points are equipped with acrylic barriers for protection and demarcation on the floor of the mandatory distance. All spaces are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers that visitors should use before the start of activities, the purchase of tickets and the guided tours, among others.

    We reinforced our hygiene plan, particularly in the disinfection of surfaces and objects (sanitary facilities, counters, handrails, door handles, switches), and in the ventilation of spaces with greater circulation of people.

    Rules and guidelines for attending concerts at Sala Suggia:
    • To maintain social distancing requirements, this concert has no allocated seats. The PDF of the ticket sent to your email will contain only the chosen queue. The seat will be assigned to you upon arrival, as indicated by the room assistants;
    • To access Sala Suggia, use the following doors: Rows C to K - 2nd floor door; Rows L to Z - 3rd floor door;
    • When exiting Sala Suggia, use the door closest to your seat, following the signs on the floor.
    • If you need help, please ask a room assistant.