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Os Sonhos do Tom - A partir da obra de Mark Twain · Os Nossos Concertos
Os Sonhos do Tom - A partir da obra de Mark Twain · Os Nossos Concertos
  • M/6
  • There are literary characters that transcend their fictional existence and become transgenerational references, almost corporeal presences, like intimate friends. For many of us this is the case of Tom Sawyer, created by Mark Twain. The truth is that the author did have a friend named Tom Sawyer, who worked in maritime transport and was responsible for rescuing 90 people in an accident with a steamboat, in 1863. This performance aims to bring these two characters together and create a third Tom, already 50 years old, who works on the docks, unloading suitcases and wooden boxes. The call for help of many ships in distress crossing the ocean with hundreds of refugees, brings back the adventurous spirit of Tom's childhood, who, in the company of his friends, embodies a kind of modern-day Quixote.



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