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Pedro Borges
Pedro Borges
Ciclo de Piano
  • Ciclo de Piano
  • 2/2310-237

    Joseph Haydn Fantasia em Dó menor, Hob.XVII:4

    Claude Debussy Images, Livro 1

    Béla Bartók Sonata para piano


    Johannes Brahms/Ferrucio Busoni Prelúdios corais, op. 122


    Johannes Brahms Sonata para piano, op. 5


    The recipient of recent awards in international competitions, Pedro Borges is a rising figure within the Portuguese musical world. In his debut recital in the Casa da Música Piano Series, he will take us on a journey through the instrument’s canonical repertoire where the influence of popular music and the art of counterpoint can be observed. Haydn used a traditional Austrian song as the motif for his Fantasia. Traditional music shaped Bartók’s style in a unique way, giving rise to an unparalleled musical language. The omnipresence of Johann Sebastian Bach is noticeable in the works of Brahms and Busoni, virtuosos in search of a synthesis. Breaking with the past, Images forms a catalogue of pianistic Modernism, exploring elements such as timbre and resonance in a meaningful way.



    Youth (<30) 50%
    Music Student/Teacher 50%
    Cartão Amigo 25%
    BPI Card 20%
    Senior (>65) 15%

    CONCERT PROGRAMME (available on the day of the concert)