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Pequena História de um Povo com Memória · Os Nossos Concertos


Quarteto Contratempus produção
João Grilo composição
Julieta Rodrigues encenação

A project dedicated to young people, which is inspired by freedom as the foundation of human identity and history. This is a transdisciplinary opera that sings and tells of the relationship of freedom with our heritage, and the coming and going during events. Reactivating memory is a fundamental practice to find ourselves once more in the here and now. Knowing what it was like when people could not say what they felt or do what they wanted, when they were not allowed to listen to certain songs or watch those movies, when they were forced to go to war to fight against other people who had done them no harm. Knowing how it was and how it is. What this concert does is to retrieve the idea of freedom and the ability to enjoy and care for it in the present by recovering historical events and bringing them to the stage in a multidisciplinary and contemporary language, through communicating, singing, and revolutionizing.



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When & Where

Sala 2
Plenty of tickets
Saturday, 29 April

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  • M/6
  • 21/2304-086