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Percussão Tradicional Portuguesa [Oficinas do Dia]

SAT 19 JUN · 10.30AM + 02.30PM SALA ENSAIO 2
Rui Rodrigues e Afonso Passos formadores

It's time for popular festivities with all the traditional Portuguese rhythms played by the bass drums, snare drums, tréculas, reco-recos, zaquelitraques and even brinquinhos da Madeira. The percussive branch of traditional Portuguese instruments is summoned, as well as everyone who wishes to join in and play our rhythms, from the simplest to the most complex. The party results from the vibration of the skin and the joy of the percussionists.

5€ · 15€ Group of 4 people

Families (> 6 years old) and general admission

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Casa da Música requires your compliance with the following rules:
- A seat will be given to you, once you enter the concert hall, by one of the room assistants. Please follow their instructions;
- You must use a mask at all times while inside the building of Casa da Música, namely during the concert;
- Please avoid close contact with other people (keep social distance);
- Sanitize your hands at the entrance of the building of Casa da Música.

If you need help, please contact a room assistant.

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When & Where

Sala Ensaio 2
Enough tickets
Saturday, 19 June
Sala Ensaio 2
Enough tickets
Saturday, 19 June

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