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Piano em Concerto
Piano em Concerto
  • Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • Among Mozart's 27 concertos for piano and orchestra, Concerto No. 20, in D minor, is the most famous with the greatest dramatic impact. It was written at the height of his career as a composer, in 1785, and he himself premiered it at the piano, with immediate success. The originality of the work made it a landmark of concertante writing, giving a new glow to the possible dialogues between the piano and the orchestra. Beethoven was strongly influenced by these ideas and took them even further. He also intended to give to the soloist a role beyond confronting the orchestra, and his Concerto No. 3 is especially revolutionary in terms of scale and dramatic intensity. The person invited to direct and perform these emblematic works with Orquestra Sinfónica is David Fray, a prestigious French pianist who won over the audience of Porto last year, in his debut at Casa da Música.