Concert Classical music Remix Ensemble

Realidades Paralelas

The national premiere of a piece commissioned to the Portuguese composer Luís Antunes Pena joins Remix Ensemble and trio Ruído Vermelho, a group that has been breaking barriers in the field of contemporary music. The score of Igor C. Silva, on its part, deals with the noise of television and how it can affect our perception of reality. The technical and excessively mediatized nature of our society is a subject frequently addressed in Goebbels’ work: inspired by a novel of Alain Robbe-Grillet, La Jalousie is a sound reconstruction of the repressed jealousy of the protagonist who spies on his partner through a shutter - the interpretation is narrated by Eric Houzelot, a prominent figure in contemporary and experimental French theatre. The score by Austrian Bernd Richard Deutsch's ends the concert with humour, madness and virtuosity, inspired by the visions and dystopias of Phillip K. Dick's science fiction books.

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Sala Suggia
Soon on sale
Tuesday, 11 May

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  • Remix
  • M/6