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Selva Sinfónica · Primeiras Oficinas [3-6 anos] · Nov 2021

Joana Araújo and Tiago Oliveira workshop leaders

A workshop highlighting the sensory part of music: musical textures, soundscapes and adventurous journeys through the symphony of the jungle. We will learn melodies of animals and songs about animals in a real adventure, a musical safari where everyone sings, plays and creates. Like the other workshops, this one also feeds on the participation of the adults and their musical interaction with the babies. Are you ready to go in the Jungle?



10€ Child + Adult 

7,50€ Extra Adult


Child + Adult's Ticket

- For children from 3 to 6 years accompanied by an adult


Extra Adult's Ticket

- Only available at Casa da Música's Box Office

- Maximum of 1 ticket per Child + Adult

- Only available for over 12 years old 



Cartão Amigo 25%

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Casa da Música implemented the following safety measures:
• Mandatory use of mask inside the building of Casa da Música;
• Non-invasive temperature measurement (except concerts on Sala Suggia or Sala 2);
• Hand hygiene;
• Compliance with social distancing rules.

Failure to comply with these measures prevents access to concerts, educational activities and guided tours held at Casa da Música.

You will find visible signs on the different routes and spaces of Casa da Música, as well as information regarding the rules of access, circulation and permanence (always keeping the social distance of 2 meters), as well as the maximum capacity of the different spaces.
All customer service points are equipped with acrylic barriers for protection and demarcation on the floor of the mandatory distance. All spaces are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers that visitors should use before the start of activities, the purchase of tickets and the guided tours, among others.
We reinforced our hygiene plan, particularly in the disinfection of surfaces and objects (sanitary facilities, counters, handrails, door handles, switches), and in the ventilation of spaces with greater circulation of people.

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When & Where

Sala Ensaio 2
Enough tickets
Sunday, 14 November
Sala Ensaio 2
Enough tickets
Sunday, 14 November

More Info

  • 3 / 6 anos