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TGB · Banda Zil
TGB · Banda Zil
Autumn in Jazz
  • Outono em Jazz
  • M/6
  • TGB

    Sérgio Carolino tuba  

    Mário Delgado guitarra 

    Alexandre Frazão bateria 



    Claudio Nucci guitarra e voz 

    João Baptista Guimarães Carvalho baixo

    José Augusto Nogueira saxofone soprano

    Zé Renato guitarra e voz 

    Jurim Moreira bateria

    Marcos Ariel teclado 

    Ricardo Silveira guitarra

    The Brazilian musical panorama of the late 1980s was marked by the unique fusion of jazz and MPB of Banda Zil. In 1987, the group released an album influenced both by the instrumental music of the time and traditional Brazilian music. The project was short-lived, but its legacy remains and inspired the inevitable reunion of these exceptional musicians, with solid solo careers. With a special concert in Juiz de Fora (Minas Gerais) in 2016, the septet resumed the repertoire and showed that the interpretations have matured, justifying this new life. The reunion can be heard on the DVD Zil ao Vivo and, better yet, in this historic presentation that ends the Autumn in Jazz festival in a big way and anticipates a new album to be recorded in Portugal. The first part of this concert will be in the hands of an unusual jazz trio formed by essential names in the Portuguese music scene. From original compositions or songs borrowed from popular traditions, TGB – Tuba, Guitar and Drums, presents an original combination of instruments used in a creative way, evident in its three albums acclaimed by the critics and, certainly, in the new album to be released this last quarter. Music without borders, indomitable, that challenges us, awakening previously unknown emotions.

    Senior (>65) 15%
    Youth (<30) 50%
    Music Student/Teacher 50%
    BPI Card 20%
    Cartão Amigo 25%

    Age rating 6+

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