The Weatherman

Alexandre Monteiro aka The Weatherman voz, piano, guitarras
Nuno Melo baixo, vozes
Marco Lima guitarra eléctrica, vozes
Gonçalo Palmas teclados
Gil Costa bateria
Tiago Rocha trompete
Elson Pinho trombone

The Weatherman returns to live performances to present All Cosmologies. The new album is a pop opera about how future generations will look at our time; a journey through a musical universe of highly imaginative pop songs. In addition to an LP, All Cosmologies is also a musical film - director Vasco Mendes translated the album into a short film with the same name, to be released before the concert.

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Promoter Alexandre Filipe da Silva Monteiro

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- You must use a mask at all times while inside the building of Casa da Música, namely during the concert;
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When & Where

Sala 2
Enough tickets
Saturday, 19 June

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