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Vésperas de Monteverdi
Vésperas de Monteverdi
Coro Casa da Música
  • Coro • Músicos da Barroca
  • M/6
  • The celebration of the 10th anniversary of Coro Casa da Música is entirely dedicated to one of the greatest masterpieces of early Baroque music in a concert shared with Orquestra Barroca. Monteverdi’s Vespers, written in 1610, were the first important collection of music used for religious celebrations, and demonstrate the composer’s mastery in the various styles of sacred music of his time. It is thought that Monteverdi hoped that with this piece he would assert a privileged position under the protective wing of the Church, and he was indeed rewarded in 1613, the year he was appointed chapel master of the Saint Mark Basilica in Venice. His Vespers have remained in history and are still a monumental challenge only within the reach of the best performers.