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Variações de Luigi Nono
Variações de Luigi Nono
  • Remix & Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • It is true that a new world opened up for music with Arnold Schoenberg, who took the possibilities of Romanticism to the extreme, and invented music writing based on 12 equally important sounds, the dodecaphonic music. The oldest piece in this program belongs to him: his Chamber Symphony No. 1 dates back to 1906 and went down in history for pointing to increasingly unstable sounds. An example of later explorations of the twelve-tone technique are the delicate Serenade of Maderna and the Variations of Luigi Nono - works from the 1950s linked to the Darmstadt School. The concert ends with the final period of Luigi Nono's life, with a piece built around a single note that becomes an amazing listening experience. Revolutionary music from the perspective of two conductors acclaimed for their interpretations of contemporary works: Emilio Pomàrico and Brad Lubman.