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Ventos do Oriente
Ventos do Oriente
  • Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • When the West and the East come together in music, the result can be surprising. Wu Wei is a renowned musician who reinvented the way people play the sheng, an ancient Chinese wind instrument. He started his musical life in the traditional Chinese orchestra, but his studies in Berlin allowed him to take the sheng into contemporary music, creating new techniques and integrating the instrument in contexts it had never been before. Phaenomena, by the Austrian Bernd Richard Deutsch, is now heard for the first time in Portugal and combines the sheng with the orchestra. The concert starts with an emblematic piece by Debussy, a composer strongly inspired by the sounds of the East, and includes a piece by the Japanese Toru Takemitsu built in cycles that change slowly, like the wind or the waves in the sea.