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Viva, Vivaldi! · Primeiros Concertos [3 meses aos 6 anos]
Viva, Vivaldi! · Primeiros Concertos [3 meses aos 6 anos]
Serviço Educativo
  • 3 meses / 6 anos
  • 21/2211-371

    SOFIA NEREIDA direcção artística e interpretação
    FLÁVIO ALDO e JOANA PEREIRA interpretação   

    This production of the Education Service debuted in 2013 during the Year of Italy. It was so successful that it ended up being presented in other stages. Therefore, we thought that this would be the ideal time to revisit Viva, Vivaldi!, a performance with a strong scenic component, inspired by the music of this great Italian composer of the Baroque period.



    Cartão Amigo 25%

    12€ Child + Adult / 10€ Extra adult

    Child + Adult Ticket:
    - For children between 3 months and 6 years old monitored by an adult

    Extra Adult Ticket:
    - Available for purchase at the box office
    - Maximum 1 extra adult
    - For people over 6 years old