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Zacharias Toca Mozart
Zacharias Toca Mozart
  • Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • The interpretations of Mozart's piano concertos by Christian Zacharias, in the double role of soloist and conductor, have earned him praise all over the world. The German musician recorded the complete piano concertos of the Salzburg genius, one of the most respected recordings of Mozart’s music. A researcher of the First Viennese School, he directs two pieces written by Haydn and Mozart, two composers he is a true expert in. The program ends with a composer also fond of music from other golden times in the history of music, Igor Stravinsky, with a ballet inspired by the French Baroque aesthetic. After hearing Apollon Musagète, which chronicles the visit of the muses Terpsichore, Polymynia and Calliope to the god Apollo, the famous choreographer Diaghilev thought that it was “music not of this world, but from somewhere above”.